Progressive die:For progressive die The tolerance of spare parts is within 0.004mm,while 0.004mm to 0.006mm for feeding length.The surface roughness is from Ra0.04 to Ra0.1 Stamping speed reaches 300 to 450 strokes per minute. Regrinding life is within 1.2 million to 3 million strokes,while total life from 120 million to 250 million strokes. Rotor die casting:For die casting mold.we specialize in rotor aluminum die casting used in home appliance,and large wertical casting as well.Take compressor rotor die casting for example,we can totally realize no turning for top circle and inner hole of roror,The rotor cylindrical runout after aluminum casting fall within 0.04mm,while±0.01mm for deformation of shaft hloe.We can also reach no cylindrical or inner hole turning for rotors of air compressor.

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